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Answers to frequently asked questions on using Area00.

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Solve common problems via Feedback form.

  1. Don't know how to play?
  2. You found a bug or problem in the game?
  3. You have a suggestions to improve the game?
  4. Forgot your ID/password?
  5. Trouble logging into the game?
  6. Are you frozen?
  7. How can I be a staff?
If you have questions, please ask us through Feedback Form.
How to play?

Read F.A.Q and Manual first. And if you have questions, please ask us through Feedback Form.

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Found a bug? Report it.

Please check out below list first.

  1. Check your browser type

    Area00 may not be compatible with very old browser versions or the latest beta releases. Also, Area00 may not display/function correctly on some of the alternative browsers that are used by less than 10% of internet users.

    Area00 was created over 10 years ago to be played on the PC, it has not been designed for mobile. However optimized for low bandwidth internet and low resolutions of the past, it should work "ok" on mobile devices. Your mobile browser should have Javascript and Cookies enabled, and always or automatically check for new version of pages. If you have trouble with this, disable caching altogether! However if your mobile internet provider is speeding up your connection by caching pages on their end, you may still have some trouble on some static pages of Area00, like the rankings. Forcing a reload/refresh of the page might help!

  2. So check your browser setting

    Enable Javascript, it's required for Area00. Check your browser's Internet Temporary Files (cache) and Cookie settings, enable the "always" or "automatically" check for newer version of the page, and turn on cookies (accept all, or at least accept first-party cookies) in your browser's configuration.

  3. Ran into issues?

    Please let us know! Submit the Feedback Form. It helps a lot if you mention the page and if applicable any steps to reproduce the issue. You can also send us a screenshot by e-mail, or post your problem on the forum attaching the screenshot.

  4. Ask your fellow players!

    Find out whether it's an issue with Area00, or your setup. Other players may already know of a solution! But it's always good to report it anyway!

  5. Also check the game rules. Abusing bugs is against the rules!

    Read F.A.Q and Manual.

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If you have suggestions, please let us know through Feedback Form. Feedback messages as well as forum posts and e-mails are archived and looked at for further game development. In-game messages are not kept!

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Forgot ID/password?

If you e-mail address is registered in game, you will receive an e-mail with your username and a password reset link.

Enter Your Correct Email Address or Username(ID):

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Trouble logging in

  1. Make sure that your account is not deleted. We delete accounts that have been inactive, after approximately:
    - 1 month for new accounts with no characters
    - 6 months for regular accounts
    - 12 months for donor accounts
    - never for guardian accounts

    However your characters may be deleted earlier for inactivity depending on their rank, this does not affect your login. You can turn on vacation mode to protect your characters.

  2. Make sure that your computer is set to the correct date and time. An incorrect date and time can cause log in problems.

  3. Also check that your password is correct, it's case sensitive. To reset your password, click here.

  4. If you're accidently on the account of another player that's been using the same computer, close all browser windows to log him/her out.
If you continue to have problems logging in, please report us through Feedback Form.
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Are you Frozen?

If a freeze has been applied to your character and you do not know why, please contact staff through Feedback Form. If you broke the rules, accept the freeze and take the time-out. Do not make it worse for yourself by telling lies or use offensive language. We want you to play by the rules, we do not want to delete you unless you commit a major offense or take it too far.

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How can I be a staff?

Sorry, we do not recruit staff. Consider that about 50% of players want to be staff for one reason or another!
You can do a lot for new/other players just as a player (when being a wing commander in particular).
When we need a new member and think you're fit for the job, we'll ask you.

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